How does A Giving Campaign work?

We’ve tried our best to keep this simple and easy.  We have highlighted on our site those who we support because they support Atlanta communities.  Take a look at our articles and links out from A Giving Campaign “buttons” to learn more about these friendly folks.  If you like what you see, please consider donating to them.  This is done directly from you to them so you get the credit and the tax deductions, while simultaneously being part of a contribution campaign to realize maximum benefit to our city.

What is the purpose of A Giving Campaign?

The purpose of A Giving Campaign is to support those who support Atlanta communities.  And, to have fun doing it.

Who's Gene Kansas?
Gene Kansas is a student and explorer of life, devoting his time to family and the city he adores, immersing himself in the arts, education and the greater Atlanta community.

Founder of Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate, Gene leads with a creative voice, a passion for community building, and an expertise in difference-making. With his wife, Gene & DeAnna Kansas take great pride in giving back and paying forward.

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