A Giving Campaign is about bringing together talent and resources in an effort to maximize benefit in our Atlanta communities.

There’s a lot to love about Atlanta.

Yes, there is.  So much in fact, it’s difficult to make a decision of just who to support.  We can choose to give to the arts, education, healthcare, summer camps, clean water initiatives and the tree canopy, mentor programs, kids, causes of social justice, places promoting preservation, centers for civil rights, the theater, heck…even a squirrel can get a nut. 

Let’s work (and have fun) together.

We’re not a clearing house for contributions, nor are we a non-profit, we’re just a group of people who care.  We’ve done our best to identify and highlight causes find worthwhile, then we give to them.  Our criteria is pretty simple: We want to support those who support Atlanta communities.  Please know you’re invited to send us causes near and dear to your heart too, and we’ll do our best to share them with others.  And, If you like an organization you find highlighted on our site, please consider letting them know you care by contributing today.  Thank you!

A Giving Campaign was established by DeAnna & Gene Kansas, along with Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate – a firm focused on community building and difference-making. The effort is in creative partnership with Gentlemen, a caring group of branding experts who also happen to have a very big heart.  It is our collective goal to encourage friends, neighbors and fellow lovers of the “A” to give.  Please join us!

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